Monday, April 14, 2014

Saying I love you daily

What happens to me tomorrow? I don't know & even for yourself I don't know what is next. I just know sometimes God can take our lives easily no matter we are in good health or not. Anything can happen. Im not saying we cant do what we want to do in life but do also cherish one another. Family, friends and loved ones. We hope each day we all can live, still being able to breathe, still being able to do things we want & we love, it is somehow a blessing and we should be thankful that we are still alive, healthy, strong and surviving. We all still need to Live life to the fullest and we try to do the best we can each day.

Everyday I tell you I love you,
1. Is that i Meant it & have always love you & always will~ cross my heart
2. Is that will this be the last you hear or heard from me?
        -accidents/death may happen we did not want to expect

Appreciate & Care for each other~ Cherish them all~ Do Good~
Just Don't Know when they come and go


Saturday, April 12, 2014

Words to self

I guess myself just aint perfect but that does not mean to bring myself to a negative thought, I really want to be a better man, I know changes are needed to be made, am weak now so i have to be stronger, am lost and needed to be found, more steps are needed to be taken and focus what is ahead. Being positive doesnt mean it will bring me good in the future, there still can be failures but anyhow i cant be cynical. No matter problems do come, i still need to face and go forward. I know myself I can do this, I want this, all I got now is time and in time I will grow. Whatever I do now will affect tomorrow. The more I need to prepare and struggle as time also tick tock away. God knows what I want, I surely still have to work hard on it as only me can only achieve it.

Need to always keep in Mind.
To be confident
To be strong(mentally & physically)
To be persistent
To be great
To be committed
To be passionate
To be humble

Lastly of cause
To be ME!